Standard Garage Door Sizes to Consider

Standard Garage Door Sizes to Consider

When considering insulated garage doors, you have to get the most specialized team working on them. Suppliers and manufacturers like Bestar provide you with premium quality garage doors since they are manufacturing standard garage doors in a variety of sizes.

The garage door calgary has many different styles and sizes of doors that can be considered when looking for your personal favorite. If your needs are different and want to purchase a customized garage door, just contact them now.

Different Sizes of Garage Doors with Features

Here is a list of garage door styles in different sizes on which you can ponder when you want something for your garages.

Insulated Garage Door in 8x7 Size

This model is available with an R. value of 17.10 and 2” thickness. The Steel and Polyurethan Insulation maintains its well-being. The steel body is protected with a layering of the coating system. They will easily stand in tough weather conditions. The simple but extremely elegant design comes in a variety of colors. The sizes that they provide are 8x7 Garage Doors, 9x7 Garage Doors, 16x8 Garage Doors, 8x8 Garage Doors, and 16x7 Garage Doors which are all modern and easily accessible.

Insulated Garage Door in 9x8 Size

This door style comes in with a good thickness of 2”. The use of Steel and Polyurethan Insulation keeps its structure well preserved. The body is covered in steel thus they are insulated in a good way to stand the test of time. These doors come in beautiful colors of Charcoal, White, Almond, and Brown Garage doors. They have variable thicknesses ranging from 8x7 Garage Doors to 16x7 Garage doors. All of them can be bought easily.

Garage Door with Insulation in 12x8 Size

This door style is constructed in triple layers and has superior insulation. They have an R-value of 17.10 and have long durability and require low maintenance. Their Steel and Polyurethan Insulation bond makes them better and different. The bottom weather seal blocks flow entering the region of your garage. Also, they protect it from weather conditions.  The depth is added to the raised panel design on the garage doors. They start with an edge that is recessed and the interior surface is slightly brought ahead. In this way, there is a definition added to the classic door style.

Garage Door with Insulation in 16x7 Size

This door style is a very smart choice for the owners. The insulation technology makes them irreplaceable. Their making provides extraordinary strength, efficient energy consumption, and provides resistance to both noise and rust. These are made with desired elements like a rustic charm and an overheard opening garage door just like modern doors have. You can add long and short windows as per your choice. These will make perfect carriage-style doors for your houses. It is probably the best option if you want to stay modern with a classic touch.


When looking for the garage door, make sure you choose the correct size. You will have to properly measure the area in which the door needs to be fit to avoid every chance of inconvenience.