Elements that determine the number of human hair bundles for your closure

Elements that determine the number of human hair bundles for your closure

Human hair comes in the form of wigs or weaves. The human hair bundles with closure are weaves sewn on natural hair. The closure is meant to cover the installation point, so the hair looks flawless and no one can tell it isn't yours. Unlike wigs that most people have learned to install, hair bundles are tricky and require a professional. Human hair bundles are a great choice when you want a permanent style. Shopping for this hair is challenging, especially since the bundles vary depending on several factors. This article highlights elements determining the number of human hair bundles you need for a closure.

What influences the human hair bundles needed for a closure?

It's best to consult a hairstylist before buying hair bundles. You may use more bundles than the other person and vice versa for multiple reasons. They include;

Your natural hair texture

The texture of your hair plays a significant role in bundle numbers. Choosing human hair bundles that match your natural hair is the best for a more natural look. However, some people buy differently and decide to mix them up for more character. Straight hair uses more hair bundles than curly or wavy hair. This means that the more hair character, the fewer the bundles required.

Length of the human hair bundle

Decide the hair length you want before to ease the buying process. Not everyone appreciates short hair. There are also different lengths of long hair, labeled in inches for easy identification, for example, 24-inch and 18-inch human hair bundles. You need more bundles for long hair than short hair to have that fuller look. Short hair has more volume than long hair, thus using fewer human hair bundles.

Human hair bundle weft

There are many ways to categorize human hair bundles, one of which is by their weft. The two types of wefts are single and double, each with advantages and disadvantages. Most bundles come with a single, which has fewer strands and is lighter than the double weft. Double wefts add more volume to you than single wefts. It means you need fewer bundles with them than the latter.

Your choice of hairstyle

The versatility of human hair is unmatched. Unlike synthetic hair, you can switch up styles often since it is easier to work with and maintain. The style you choose determines the number of human hair bundles needed. Simple styles require fewer hair bundles than complicated kind. Also, voluminous styles use more bundles so let your look guide you in buying the correct bundle number.

Size of your head

Head sizes vary from person to person. A smaller head will need few bundles than a large one, say two to three bundles less.

In sum

Human hair bundles with closure are the perfect addition to your hair collection. They provide a more permanent look than wigs and give a natural look. Deciding on the number of bundles needed can be challenging for most buyers. Follow the tips above to help you with the selection process. Alternatively, seek guidance from a professional hairstylist to ensure you get the correct number of human hair bundles for your closure.