Beginner's Guide: 4 Simple Steps To Wear Your Burgundy Wig

Beginner's Guide: 4 Simple Steps To Wear Your Burgundy Wig

Many people love burgundy wigs for several reasons and you probably do too, which is why you are reading this post. The burgundy wig is now quite popular in the market, as more ladies choose bright-colored hairs. It's loved because of its color variety and quality.

However, people who are new to wigs or those looking for colored wigs might not know how to wear or style their burgundy wigs. There is little or no difference between styling other wigs and styling a burgundy wig.

This post examines a few steps on how to wear and style your burgundy wig.

How to wear and style your burgundy wig

Step 1: Prepare the needed tools

Get every tool you need for this process and put them in place. This is important because it's much better to have all tools within reach and make the entire process less stressful. The distraction could be detrimental to the process, making you lose touch and start all over.

The tools needed will include:

  • The burgundy wig
  • Wig glue
  • Wig cap
  • A pair of scissors
  • Scalp protector

Also, you need a cotton swab, a large mirror to easily assess all the sides of your head, a brush, and adhesive tape. These are important for a clean and beautiful styling of your burgundy wig.

Step 2: Prepare the wig and your hair

The next step is to prepare the wig and your hair to be in the perfect shape. This will allow the wig to fit properly on your head. Use the wig brush to straighten the burgundy wig to prevent tangling and make it as free as possible. Then for your hair, style it in such a way that its volume is reduced and make sure every part is even. This will make wearing the wig a lot easier and give it a natural look on your head.

Step 3: Apply prep products

A good example of a prep product is a scalp protector. They're especially important to use if you have sensitive skin, swim a lot, or stay in an area with high humidity. Not only does it protect the scalp, it improves the adhesive abilities of the wig glue.

Before applying the prep products, it's always best to clean the face surface from dirt, sweat, and oil. With the prep product in place, gently place the wig cap and adjust to the shape of your head.

Step 4: Style the burgundy wig

With the burgundy wig now on your head, you can style it however you want. Use your wig brush to brush a part of the wig in the direction you want it to go, and then do the same for every other part.


Burgundy wigs make one of the best wigs on the market. You can style it however you want for any event. First, get all the tools you need for the process and follow the simple steps outlined in the post. Go bold with burgundy wigs to stand out in the crowd.